Warsaw Vodka Museum: a place worth seeing

If you are interested in seeing one of the most interesting museums in Poland, you should definitely check Warsaw Vodka Museum. Located in an old brewery in the capital of country, museum shows over 6 hunderd years of history in vodka making.

Adults only

Please notice, that alcohol is meant to be drunk by adults. Thus – children are not allowed to see the exhibitions. If you are vitising with kids, you might want to check some other places or find someone who will take care of them while you take a trip.

When you are in town with a group of friends (at least 8 adults), you can also order an exquisite night trip only for you and your friends. The tickets are slightly more expensive, but the tour is most definitely worth it.

What can you learn at the museum?

The exhibitions cover the whole history of vodka making in Poland. It means you can not only learn how the alcohol is made today, but also – how it was prepared years ago. Why the changes were applied and who figures out what’s the best way to manufacture vodka – you can find it out in the museum.

Some of the exhibitions are interactive and there is also a small cinema room, where you can see a movie about history of vodka. Tours are made in both Polish and English. Other languages are available if you contact the museum at leat 2-3 days before your visit. Those, who never had a chance to try vodka will be happy to know, that there is a possibility to taste it. Connaisseurs will have a possibility of learning how to prepare tasty drinks with it.