Dunajec River Rafting – The Ultimate Adventure

The Dunajec is one of the most beautiful and pristine rivers in Poland. Crystal clear water, various rapids and waterfalls make for a unique experience for all who embark on this adventurous trip. Discover the wonders of the green forest, kayak through tranquil stretches or simply relax with friends on the banks of the river while reading a book and gazing at its beauty. Dunajec rafting trips are designed to give you a great foretaste of what such an adventure has to offer. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to know before embarking on this amazing adventure.

How to go rafting on the Dunajec River?

There are many different ways to go rafting on the Dunajec River. The most popular option is kayaking. Those who prefer a more comfortable and luxurious experience can opt for a raft. If you want to go Dunajec River Rafting, but are inexperienced, go for an organized tour.

Types of rafts for rafting down the Dunajec River

There are many different types of rafts for rafting down the Dunajec River. You’ll find a wide selection of rafts, as well as prices. The most popular types of rafts include inflatable kayaks, inflatable rafts and pontoon boats. While you can go rafting in any of these types of rafts, some are better suited for certain situations. For example, an inflatable kayak is great for calm waters, but is not very durable and may not be suitable for rougher currents. An inflatable raft, on the other hand, is ideal for any situation and is much more durable than an inflatable kayak.

Safety precautions when rafting down the Dunajec River


When going rafting on the Dunajec River, keep in mind a few safety tips. First, you should wear a life jacket at all times. You should also carry a first aid kit and carry a cell phone in case of an emergency. Also, make sure you follow your guide’s instructions, as every Danube rafting trip is unique. Make sure you don’t go rafting during high water levels or storms. During this time, the river can rise significantly and pose a serious danger to both rafting participants and those trying to rescue them. One final safety tip: don’t go rafting alone. You should always go with someone you know and trust.