Amazing Ojcow National Park – what to see?

Ojcow National Park is the smallest of all polish places of this type. Unfortunately, it was massively destroyed by human action back in the nineteenth century. Many of the trees were being cut and the caves were being dug in to get the fertilizer from them.

Location of the park

It is located in the Lesser Polish Voivodeship, around 16 km from Kraków – beautiful polish town, which is also a great trip destiny. The park was originally created in 1956 after many years of people’s struggling to do that. However, all the actions were delayed by World Wars.

One of the most popular attractions of the park are the caved and ruins of castle in Ojców and Little’s Dog Castle (Pieskowa Skała).

Tourist routes at the park

There is a total of around 38 km of tourists routes at the park. There are three routes marked with colors:

– red one, also called the Trail of The Eagles’ Nests,

– green route starting at the parking lot on Złota Góra, leading to the outlet of Smardzowicki Gorge,

– black route, also starting at the parking lot on Złota Góra, guiding to the Łokietek’s Cave.

Natural caves

At 2006 there were around 500 of explored and cataloged natural caved at the Ojcow National Park. Only some of them are available for tourists, but many – cannot be accessed, as they are located in dangerous grounds or there is a risk of collapse.

The most popular and one of the longest caves is Łokietek’s Cave.