Warsaw Vodka Museum – a place worth seeing

When visiting Warsaw, try to find some time to visit the famous vodka museum, in which you will not only learn about history of this alcohol, but also – get an opportunity to taste different types, prepared from unique components.

Not for everyone – adults only!

Please be aware, that Warsaw Vodka Museum is a place only for people over 18 years old – so if you are in town with your children, try to find a fun activity for them while you will learn interesting facts about this alcohol.

Luckily, even if you don’t speak Polish – you can still find out many fascinating things about vodka: daily tours and the exhibitions are prepared in both Polish and English. If you’d like to visit the museum with a guide speaking another European language – you need to ask for that in advance. Some languages, such as Russian os Spanish are available with further notice.

What can you see at the museum?

The whole exhibitions is located in former “Koneser” vodka factory, located on Praga in Warsaw. The buildings are really interesting on the outside, and on the inside – they were renovated and adapted to the needs of the museum.

Fans of technology will be delighted to read, that some of the exhibitions were prepared to be interactive, which makes the whole tour much more interesting. There are some parts of the museum about the beginnings of vodka manufacturing in Poland and the changes, that were applied to the process during five hundred years of history.

There are also some exhibitions explaining some local traditions with this alcohol and also mentioning the fact, that vodka is an important part of many events in the country. You will find out, what is used to prepare the best vodka and how does it taste. For conneiseurs there are also cyclically organized special trainings about preparing drinks with this alcohol.

At the end of your tour, you will be invited to sample the best types of vodka prepared from wheat or even potatoes. You will be accompanied by experienced worker, who will be able to answer questions about this drink.