Trip to Warsaw: a museum you have to check out

Among other interesting things to do and see in the capital of Poland, you can visit one of the most interesting museums that were created: Warsaw Vodka Museum. It’s a place with unique history to tell and located in one of the best buildings for such a museum.

Old factory buildings

The place, in which owners of the museum decided to locate is an old complex of vodka factory “Koneser”, which was preparing such bevarages as “Wyborowa”. The buildings were renovated and repaired and nowe some of the insides are used as the seat of the museum. It gives the whole thing a lot of reality and extraordinary character, which can make you feel as if you stepped many years back.

The history of vodka is really long and goes back almost 600 years and the exhibits reach out as long as that. It means that you can learn how was the first bottle of vodka prepared and how the process changed over the years. Are you curious, how did old bottles look like or what materials can be this alcohol brewed of? This and much more can be learned at the museum during a tour.

For people around the world

Great thing about this museum is that its owners really do care about their customers. They show it by organizing tours in both Polish and English on a daily basis to make it possible for foreigners to understand everything. Also, every table in the museum in written in both those languages.

What is more, if there is a need of using another language – it also can be arranged. Informing the museum staff with further notice, a tour with guide speaking such languages as German, Spanish, Italian and others can be arranged. This way – everyone can learn the fascinating history of vodka.

At the end of the tour, every visitor gets an unique chance to sample different types of vodka with expert, who will point the differences one by one. From time to time, the museum organizes courses, on which the art of making drinks with this alcohol can be learned – but this is a periodic event and one needs to sign in advance to participate.

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