The capital of Poland in winter

Where is the winter capital of Poland? Of course, in the city of Zakopane. Yes, this is the common opinion, although everyone knows that formally it is a different city. However, it is not about formalities, but the charm of this mountain town, which not only in winter attracts a huge number of people. Zakopane has that “something” in itself, which necessarily have to be known. In this city you need to be at least for a few days.

Not far from Krakow

Therefore, the trip from Krakow to Zakopane is always very popular. The more so because these two cities are located in close proximity to each other. Two hours are enough to move from the capital of Malopolska to the winter capital of Poland. By the way, on the way you can admire the extremely charming places, which will not be found in any other place. Such a trip can be organized on your own. In particular, if someone is motorized. If not, then with peace of mind – there are many offices that offer such a trip and in addition at an attractive price.

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What is there in Zakopane?

Zakopane Poland is a city where you can see all sorts of attractions. Including, for example, the entrance to Gubałówka. You can go there on your own feet, but it is a challenge for slightly more persistent people. You can also not forget about the cemetery on Pęksowym Brzyzku, where are buried many notables coming from this region, famous throughout Poland. And the church, which was entirely dedicated to St. John Paul II? Such tourist attractions of the region and many others can be explored during the trip from Krakow to the charming Zakopane.