Is it good idea to go to Krakow for a stag do?

A bachelor party is an event where the groom-to-be along with his guests want to have the best time possible. For this reason, it is worth ensuring that every element of the party is well planned. How to spend an unforgettable Krakow stag do?

A touch of luxury

During the bachelor party it is good to experience a little luxury. After all, such an event requires a suitable setting. An interesting idea would be to hire a limousine to transport participants from place to place. The cost of a one-hour ride is about 400-1000 PLN, depending on the specific location and the model of car that you choose. In some cities you can take advantage of even more far-reaching attractions, such as party buses or streetcars designed exclusively for bachelor party participants. In this case, however, you must reckon with the cost of about 1200-2000 zł for each hour of the event. Of course, you can also have fun in a luxury club. Choosing special packages, we will feel like real kings of life, but you will have to reckon with higher costs of fun.

A gift for a bachelor party

Krakow stag do

An integral part of a bachelor party is a gift for a bachelor. You can always take advantage of the wide range of stores that offer fun gifts for any occasion. Those provided for a bachelor party are usually associated with typically masculine items. So you can buy for example a whisky set, a bar, a bottle of good alcohol or a sweatshirt with a dedicated inscription. Also in this case, however, it is worth thinking outside the box and give the groom something that will not let him forget about this party and will make his dreams come true. A great gift for a bachelor party will be for example buying a parachute jump or a voucher for a tattoo. Of course, a gift for a bachelor party can also be… the party itself, which will be fully financed by its participants.

In conclusion, there are several interesting methods to make your bachelor party full of excitement. It is worth thinking about hiring a limousine because it is one of the best ideas.