Where is jewish quarter in Krakow?

Krakow is a very beautiful city, which attracts with numerous monuments every year. One should not forget that attractions are not only on the market in Krakow, but also in other districts. Among others, the jewish quarter Krakow is very popular – see more www.seekrakow.com/en/zwiedzanie-kazimierza. So why should you go there?

The most popular jewish quarter in Krakow

The Kazimierz district is a place where you can meet few Jewish families hurrying in traditional costumes to the only synagogue currently open, the Remuh Synagogue. They are also old houses, with picturesque porches and courtyards, which today are usually converted into expensive restaurants. This is also one of the charges directed by the critics of Kazimierz, who is accused of many by commercializing too quickly and by increasing prices.

Walking around Kazimierz, sooner or later we will probably reach the former market square of the city of Kazimierz, i.e. Wolnica Square with the 18th-century Town Hall. Not far away is the Church of Corpus Christi, a great example of Gothic architecture in the form of the Church of St. Catherine, where both churches were founded by Casimir the Great, the church of St. Church of the Holy Trinity Archangel Michael and Saint Stanisław Bishop Martyr together with the adjoining Pauline monastery. The monument stands in the place where Saint Stanisław was to die. It is this characteristic white building covered with a green roof, which looks nice from the side of the Vistula. In the basement of the church there is a kind of mausoleum, i.e. the crypt of the meritorious. It was also here that the University of Krakow was to be founded on the orders of Kazimierz Wielki. However, the plans failed because the king died.