The best pub crawl Krakow

Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Thanks to the incredibly rich history, regardless of budget and preferences, everyone will find something for themselves. Are you passionate about architecture? Do you love history? Or maybe you like walking around the city and discovering new restaurants in its nooks and crannies? A wide list of Krakow attractions will allow you to spend your free time in a very attractive way. So what is especially worth choosing in this case?

The main square is a meeting place

The Main Square in Krakow is the central square of the Old Town. Centuries ago it was an important trade center, as evidenced by the Sukiennice standing in its center, a series of commercial stalls. Currently, they have a great collection of Polish paintings, while underneath them there is a museum devoted to the history of the Market Square. Surrounded by various restaurants, with St. Mary’s Church and the historic Town Hall tower, it is a must-see during the trip.

Pub crawl Krakow

These restaurants are a very fashionable place in Krakow. Anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of this city, and additionally meet with family or friends, should in particular decide to visit this place. Pub crawl Krakow, for example, is a very good place for entertainment. More and more people decide to visit the pub crawl in Krakow, because there are many interesting drinks there, which often cannot be found anywhere else. You must not forget that more and more foreigners also decide to visit this city. Such a walk around Krakow, especially at night, will also be a good idea for us.