Why should we decide on Krakow walking tour?

It is worth visiting Krakow because it is a historically very important city on the map of Poland, where many monuments are located. Many Kings and Great Poles also rest here. It is a great place to repeat history outdoors for all school groups. However, it is also a great place even for a one-day family trip. So what is worth visiting in Krakow?

Walking tour in Krakow – why should we choose it?


Wawel is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in Krakow. A castle that has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries. Currently open to tourists, it often raises admiration and admiration. Today, at Wawel, we can see not only the beautiful Renaissance Courtyard, Cathedral, Sigismund’s Bell and Royal Tombs, but also Representative Royal Chambers where visitors can admire the priceless collection of tapestries, or decorative fabrics. The walls of the Wawel hill offer a beautiful view of the Vistula River bed and the surrounding area, but also on a beautiful day we can see Babia Góra.

The Wawel is located in the very center of Krakow, therefore the location of the accommodation facility is important for school groups. It is worth taking care of being able to walk to the Wawel Hill in a few minutes, as well as having all the most important attractions of the Main Square in Krakow close by.

The Mariacki church is also popular on the market. The basilica was founded in the 13th century on the foundations of a former Romanesque church, rebuilt many times, today it impresses with its beauty. The place where the famous St. Mary’s bugle call is played every day. It’s worth deciding on a Krakow walking tour to see all these places in one day with SeeKrakow.com/en.